Biel / Schweiz

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Pack 'Booze for Future' EP
1'000 Ex. (Dezember 2005)
***ausverkauft / sold out***

Pack / S.O.L. split-LP
1'500 Ex. (Juli 2004)
Co-Produktion mit W.I.F.A.G.E.N.A., Kämöset Levyt und Absolut Pack Autoproduzione
***ausverkauft / sold out***

Seit dem "Attack Is Suicide"-Sampler dürfte klar sein, dass auch in der Schweiz ein unglaubliches Potential an Anarcho-Crust-Bands vorhanden ist. So auch PACK. Zugegeben, der Name ist in Punk-, und Hardcorekreisen überstrapaziert. Musikalisch orientieren sich PACK an STATE OF FEÄR, SKIT SYSTEM und HELLNATION. Aber geiler noch sind S.O.L. aus dem Zoro in Leipzig, auch wenn die ohne "Unterstützung" der Menschen verabscheuenden Reden Hitlers auskommen und auf introvenöse Statements verzichten. S.O.L. sind aggressiver, legen tempomäßig teilweise noch einen Zahn zu, der größte Unterschied jedoch ist der röchelnd-keifende Gesang. Das mag jetzt vielleicht etwas kleinkariert klingen, aber Crustpunk und Grunzgesang ist genauso unpassend wie Deathmetal und ein keifender Psychopath. Das schwarze Vinyl kommt stilgerecht in einem schwarzen Klappcover mit edlem Prägedruck.
Großartige Scheibe und ganz klar im oberen Drittel des Genres einzuordnen.

Pack - s/t EP
800 Ex. (Kupfer-Cover; Juli 2003)
500 Ex. (Silber-Cover; Januar 2004)
***ausverkauft / sold out***

So, Pack - swiss chaos at its best. This tight gem was released in 07/2003, according to the label's website - the 1st press consisted of 800 copies with gold-tinged covers; the 2nd press (01/2004) came up to 500 copies with silver-tinged covers, though I've never seen any of those (anyone?) I believe that I first came across this in Profane Existence's distro in the beginning of 2004; I ordered it immediately based on the description, hoping for something decent. What I got was the best 7" of the year, as anyone who has listened to "Skinned Alive" can certify. That same summer I got my hands on the Kaaos/Svart Aggression split 7" (can't believe we haven't posted that here yet - MUST do a.s.a.p.!) from Hibernation's own Last Scream distro & Alekos asked had I heard the Pack 7" already? So, it was due to him that I learned how Pack's history dates back to an unbelievable swiss band named Bagger (which he had witnessed live & which I now hope was also true of me - if you also haven't & are wondering why, check this...). This led to my tracking down the Bagger/Liselotte split LP (still trying to track down the Bagger/Nula tape release) with its über-brutal sound & amazing artwork (I threw in the artwork in a separate file of pretty big size - you can get it here for a while, though I will eventually delete it). Thus, if 7"s can be said to be lucky, this would have to be my own lucky 7" I guess...
So, Pack - the offshoot of Bagger, a crazy, crusty, grindy collective from Switzerland which operated in the mid-to-late '90s if I'm not mistaken. In particular, niggu (drums), bänz (guitar), & dömi (bass) all played in the aforementioned record with Liselotte. To top it off, they also have ties to Victors Hofnarren who were featured in the Whispers compilation & had a split LP (on Maximum Voice) with the amazing Jobbykrust (of which band more in a subsequent post), as niggu & bänz played in that record, too. Back to the 7" at hand, this has been their first (& in my opinion their best to date) offering, & it was followed by a split LP with grinders SOL (Rinderherz, 2004 - great artwork there, too, & still available in a few distros) & the "Booze For Future" 7" (released in Rinderherz in 2005, still available for purchase, & also to be found in crustcracker's blog). Nothing followed, though their myspace account says they're drunk but not dead & what else could humble I possibly wish them but to hold on to that blissful state but also assume affirmative action towards releasing the new track "Ich Bin Harter" (feat. a swiss rap artist, of all possible people, & available at the aforementioned myspace), if possible with other material of that caliber? Nothing, I guess.
One more thing, this one regarding the name: according to this interview, they got named Pack because Dömi was working at the post office at the time & was really fed up with packing stuff & then packing some more stuff - hilarious, just like the rest of the interview.
Seeing as I have little other information to offer, I deem it wise to stop boring the hell out of you & end this missive somewhere............ here. Bang your head like there's no tomorrow to this one, it deserves it.